About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Erika Steeves, an upcoming junior at Brown University. As a French native speaker originally from Montreal, Canada, I am a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, with a focus in Economics.

I am a member of the Brown Women’s Basketball Team, and I have been nominated as co-captain for next season. Growing up in a basketball family, I’ve always been fascinated by different aspects of the game, which has recently led me to try to connect the sport I love to my academic interests. I therefore created my own research project, and was selected as a 2017-2018 Royce Fellow. I am excited to be heading to China from June 13th to July 5th! My project is titled “Creating a market for sport in China,” and I intend to research and examine the growing market for basketball in China by working with the National Basketball Association (NBA), as well as the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Please read more about the Brown University Royce Fellowship and my proposed research.

I will aim to post every couple days, so feel free to check back in on this website, or send me an email with any comments, questions, or just to say hi!