First Days in Shanghai

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I arrived in Shanghai on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, after an uneventful 13-hour flight. I had previously looked up the word “tall” in Mandarin, because I figured it would be useful for me to recognize. Sure enough, the first mention of my height came within ten minutes of me stepping foot on Chinese soil, and have since been quite frequent.

I made it to my apartment after a quick trip on the subway, but I barely took the time to look around my room before I left and met up with a friend from home. We had Yang’s renown dumplings, then walked around NanJing Road, one of the world’s busiest shopping streets, where I happened to live for the week. I then rented a Mobike and made my way back to my apartment, which is something that I highly recommend to anyone visiting Shanghai. It was such a carefree experience to be biking alone on the streets of lively Shanghai, and one that I’ll never forget. This city holds 23 million people, and there were still a lot of them out and about at 10PM, riding their scooters at almost dangerous speeds. Important disclaimer: cars and scooters most certainly have priority here.

I woke up promptly at 7am on my 2nd day here, thanks to jetlag. I decided to walk everywhere that day, because I knew it would allow me to see more of Shanghai. I was right – below are some of the sites and streets I happened to walk by (sorry about the quality of the images, I’ll update them once I get home to some better wifi).

From 10AM to 6PM, I walked around the French Concession, ducked in and out of the streets of Tianzifang, and admired the architecture of the Yu Garden. I added a few pictures of the maze that is Tianzifang, as well as some of the beauty of the Yu Garden and its surrounding area. There’s no way I can do either place justice with words, so I’ll let you take a look for yourself at some of the amazing pictures.

The more I walked around, the more I realized how prevalent basketball is here. Every single high school I saw had at least four courts on its property, and I saw Yao Ming in three different poster commercials. I also saw more pictures of Steph Curry and more NBA jerseys than I ever did anywhere in Canada, or even in most U.S. cities.

I started my day bright and early on Thursday morning, since I had two different meetings. I first headed to Power Corp, a diversified international management and holding company, to try to follow up on the International Finance course I took this past semester. Following that interesting meeting, I had my first multi-course Chinese meal, tasting foods such as jellyfish, beef cheek, century eggs, eel, and lots of tofu. I then made my way to the China Canada Business Council (CCBC) to learn more about the ways with which international companies are establishing themselves in the Chinese market. I ended my day by visiting The Bund, pictured to the right, which was a breathtaking view. I am travelling to Hangzhou today, Friday, to officially incorporate basketball into my trip, so stay tuned!

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  1. Loving the updates and photos! Enjoy it all!
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